Kasol Base Camp site Youth Hostel

Youth Hostel at Base Camp Kasol Himachal Pradesh. Ready for the Sarpass trek. The Base Camp is situated just beside the river Parvati and you can enjoy her flow every moment while mummering the coldest nights under the tents.
YHAI Youth Hostel Kasol Base Campsite

2014 Sarpass Trek Schedule 11 days

Here is the list of Days with the Schedule for the 2014 Sarpass Trekking in the Himalayan Parvati Valley.  Courtesy : yhaindia.org  For some experiences of trekkers in click here  , you get more relevant facts and reviews.  Check out the Pictures also .

DURATION OF THE PROGRAM: 11 Days and 10 Nights

Day 1:- Reporting at Base Camp, Youth Hostel Kasol. (CLICK HERE)

Day 2:- Acclimatization and Orientation. (Click to see)

Day 3:- Rock climbing and rappelling. (Click Here)

Day 4:- Trek to Youth Hostel Grahan (Ht 7,700 ft,9 kms, 5hrs).

Day 5:- Trek to Youth Hostel Padri (Ht 9,300 ft,9 kms, 6 hrs).

Day 6:- Trek to Youth Hostel Ratapani (11,200ft,10 kms, 6 hrs).

Day 7:- Trek to Youth Hostel Nagaru (12,500ft, 8 kms,5 hrs).

Day 8:- Trek to Youth Hostel Beskari (11,000ft,14 kms, 8 hrs).

Day 9:- Trek to Youth Hostel Bhandak Thatch (8,000ft,12 kms, 6 hrs).

Day 10:- Trek to Barshani road (6,600ft,10 kms, 5.5 hrs), transfer by bus to Base camp Kasol.

Day 11:- Camp breaks after breakfast.

Bhandak Thatch Campsite Sarpass Trek

The Sarpass Himalayan trekking comes with this very beautiful Campsite, which is called as the Switzerland of the trek. Surrounded by the Christmas trees and the medows of dusky clouds , plated with the White bright Snow covered mountains in all the corners its the most memorable place to spent a night. You can hear the Bears sound in the night, and the heavy snow falls to amaze you at the end of the trekking. Enjoy it!

Bhandak Thatch Campsite Sarpass Trek

Snow Cover Top Himalayan Trek Photos

Just look at these stunning Landscapes of Himalayan Mountains From the Top , by the Trekkers. Thanks for the Contribution to the Photos by Varun, Savitri, Sankalp, Yatinji at the Sarpass trek.

Sar Pass Himalayan Trek Picture 2

After the Famous Treks in the Himalayan Mountains , one very common way to express the experience is to share some of the Pictures Taken within the treks. Very Few images are taken at this extreme moments as the Trekker have to manage the battery of his digital camera alive for 5-6 days without recharging, and the fact is that in the Cold shivering climate of Himalaya, the battery gets discharged fast. In-spite of al this we have collaborated with our fellow trekkers to snap some of the memorable moments of the Himalayan Trek

11 Day Sar Pass Trek 2013 Schedule

Bandhak Thatch Camp Sar Pass Trek 2010

  • Day 1: Reporting at base camp, Youth Hostel Kasol (6500ft)
  • Day 2: Acclimatization and Orientation
  • Day 3: Rock Climbing and Rappelling
  • Day 4: By bus to Ghatigadh (7400ft)- 13km, 1hr & trek to Youth Hostel Galgithatch (8500ft)- 5km, 4hr
  • Day 5: Trek to Youth hostel Khora Thatch (9800ft)- 7km, 5hr
  • Day 6: Trek to Youth hostel Zirmi (11000ft)- 6km, 5hr
  • Day 7: Trek to Youth Hostel Tila Lotni (12500ft)- 6kms, 4hr
  • Day8 : Trek to Youth Hostel Biskeri Thatch (11000ft) via SAR Pass (13800ft)- 9km, 6hr
  • Day 9: Trek to Youth Hostel Bhandak Thatch (8000ft) 10kms – 6hrs
  • Day 10: Trek up to Barshani Road (5km, 2hr) head, transfer by bus to Manikaran and trek up to the Base Camp Kasol, Valedictory function.
  • Day 11: Group departs after Breakfast.

*Program schedule and routes are subject to change without prior notice.